Greetings Souldiers,

Good day and this is Community Manager Ben, I just joined the team and from now on, I will be making more frequent updates to you so, stay awhile and listen!

First of all, let’s talk about game updates and fixes, we just released version 1.7.9! Here’s a quick recap of what have been updated:
– You can now complete the share to facebook mission and obtain the rewards.
– We fixed the feedback button in game so you can easily communicate with us.
– Improved the function of the announcement interface.
– Repaired the Google+ login integration, you may now login normally using Google+
– Fine-tuned the boss drop rates across all stages (Thanks for our loyal players for reporting this)!
– Fixed an issue with server time being altered when user is disconnected in the iOS version.
– Minor localization tweaks.

What’s next?
Moving on, we are working closely with the developer to introduce more features and updates to the game. It’s a tough one to be honest, there are a lot of ideas that we could really improve for the game, ultimately, we will need to look at its practicality vs development difficulty. Currently after due consideration, I can safely reveal that top on the list for the developer would be the release of the apothecary and also featuring of cross servers PVP. When that starts, we hope that you will be ready for it! As for the details, I’ll definitely release it here when it becomes clear.

What’s being planned for the community?
As the community manager, I noticed that the Idle Souldier community have been staying around with 9000 fans since its launch. I have been tasked to increase this amount, expect events and raffles that will be conducted on our facebook page more frequently as we progress.
On top of that, we’re also creating sub-reddits for Idle Souldier. We’ll hope to be able to create positive and intense discussion on that space in favour of Idle Souldier and your participation is much appreciated!

That is all for today Souldiers, Please Keep an eye out for news on our Facebook page. We hope to see you all in the game soon!

Facebook: https://fb.me/idlesouldier/

Support: help@gamelune.com

Forum: http://forum.gamelune.com/viewforum.php?f=57&language=en

CM Ben


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